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Ben Lott, also known as "notnormal23224" on LJ or… - sailgersor
Ben Lott, also known as "notnormal23224" on LJ or "slave b" on Myspace is now officially missing! He was last heard from via car phone Sunday night when he spoke to me confirming our plans to meet Tuesday AM at Richmond Amtrak Station. His boss last heard fromhim via text early Monday requesting a personal day off. He never showed up to meet me on Tuesday morning. I figured with his crazy work schedule, he was called in to fix something and eventually would call me or meet me. After a few hours of sitting in the train station, I took a $30.00 taxi ride to his house on the southside of Richmond, VA. I waited all afternoon until sundown  for him to come home. Spoke to 2 neighbors who had not seen his car in the driveway  since Sunday. Then then went to a local cheap hotel, leaving many messages on his cell fone voice mail telling him where I was and that I would stop back on Wednesday to his house. Well, around noon on Wednesday,  I took a taxi back to Ben's house. The mail was still not picked up. 2 very hungry cats were peering out the window. Doors were all locked and alarmed. Still no contact via email or cell fone from Ben. I did call the local police dept to try to report him missing. They said only a relative could do it not a friend. His boss emailed asked if I had seen him, so I called her back and told here how I cannot find him, and she said he never called into work or logged in remotely. I told her to call the emergency contact, next of kin, family numbers and try to get him reported missing because this was not like Ben to not show upfor work or call in unless he was very sick, injured, or had a broken down car, and that he was supposed to have me spend the week over his house. His daughter got home from college with a friend or two. His mother actually reported him missing and is on the way to Richmond with his brother. The police dept actually called me asking for scars, distinguishing marks, recently photos, weight and height, places where he hangs out, shops, etc. and other details of his life. I am searching thru his myspace friends list for anyone he likely would have had local contact with, and there is only one person, local comic book owner who puts away his weekly order for him. I know where he food shops and what local stores he usually goes into, local computer gaming store next to the supermarket. Once I finally find out exactly where his car was towed from and what was in the car, then I can tell the police where I think he might have gone. Ben liked to go walking in the woods off the paths in local county and state parks for exercise. He has high blood pressure and has to get some weight off and hiking is a low cost way of doing it. But he likes to really go off the regular walking paths and trail and go whomping in the woods like it was the wilderness. He could do that in his backyard which is very overgrown with trees and bushes for like more than an acre.He lives right on the border of Richmond and Chesterfield in a slightly overly treeed area with hills and creeks on a dead end street about 1/2 mile from an interstate highway sort of across a main road from a strip mall. So where he lives feels like the country but is still located in the city limits barely.
His daughter said the local police willl go threw the house and check out the location where his car was towed from.
If anyone has had contact with him since the weekend, or got an email or saw a post  on the internet, please get in contact with me or post here on livejournal. He needs all the prayers and support that we can gather together. I am trying not to have another heart attack from stress. Well, his daughter just called, they told her the location of where the car was towed from which was near a Best Buy and a county park in Chesterfield near Richmond not more than a few miles from his house. Told her the significance of his hiking in the parks off trail and that he could be hurt, lost, maimed, or dead. He was there late Sunday afternoon, and now it is Friday. I hope the cops get moving on this or I will drive down there and look for him myself. I have left both cell fones on all night and my landline also. Got to go pack up the car with clothes, hiking boots, get money from bank, and get ready for a road trip. My husband will not like a 6 or 7 hour drive to Richmond, VA.
Further updates to follow.    Lisa
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ydnic From: ydnic Date: October 6th, 2008 02:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hi Lisa, I followed the link from Ben's journal over here after hearing from his daughter via e-mail. Although I've only met him at Frolicon (and didn't see him at Dragon*Con this year, unfortunately), I am *very* concerned to hear all this. :( I'm not sure if there's anything I can do from Atlanta other than sending positive energy and hoping for the best...so that's what I'm doing!
ydnic From: ydnic Date: October 21st, 2008 02:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
Is there any word on what happened?
From: notnormalskid Date: January 19th, 2009 06:13 pm (UTC) (Link)

still m.i.a.

I'm not sure what all you may or may not have heard (this is ben's daughter), but my dad is still missing.
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