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sailgersor's Journal

29 September 1959
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alice in wonderland, alternative lifestyles, alternative music, alternative religion, anime, babylon 5, backpacking, balticon, barefoot, bbw, bdsm, bisexual, bisexuality, body art, body piercings, bondage, bondage fairies, books, brutal honesty, camping, carcamping, cats, celtic, celtic music, chocolate, classic music, classic rock, comic books, comics, computers, contemporary fantasy, corsets, crime dramas, csi, cuddling, dark chocolate, darkness, doctor who, doemain of our own, douglas adams, dr who, dragon con, dragon*con, dragoncon, dragons, eire, elves, emeraldrose, erotica, exploring, fae, faeries, fairies, fairy, fairy tales, fandom, fantasy, farscape, fetish, filkhaven, firefly, folklore, forensic science, freedom, freestate, games, gaming, gargoyles, geeks, ghosts, goddess worship, goddesses, goth, gothic, guitars, harley-davidson, harry chapin, history, horror films, irish rock, kingdom hearts, latex, law and order, leather, libertarian, lord of the rings, magik, mediacons, mexican food, modern fairy tales, monsters, motorcycles, movies, mud, mummification, nature, ncis, neil gaiman, new age, newhampshire, occult, oddities, pagan, paganism, peter paul & mary, phil foglio, pink floyd, pirates, politics, polyamory, porcupine, queen, queen of wands, red dwarf, retro, role-playing, rubber, rvs, sci-fi, sci-ficons, secret room, sentinel, slash, something positive, spirituality, star wars, starskyandhutch, startrek, supernatural, survival, tarot, tim burton, tim curry, travel, tv, ufo, vandwelling, video games, voltaire, wam, wax play, wicca, witchcraft, witches